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Rank tracking is one of the greatest new tools developed for the internet.  It is a great way of checking on your search engine rank, whilst supplying you with all the information you need at your fingertips.

The user input side is fairly straight forwards in that all you need to do is enter your domains and your keywords, and then the AuthorityLabs function does the work for you by checking on the keywords in those domains every day.  Such an up to date system really puts you ahead of the competition.  Most online industries and markets are turbulent and shift from day to day, and some of these shifts occur daily.  A shift may happen at the same time every week and then normalise at the end of the week (for example ofcourse) and if you only have bi-weekly, or weekly updates then you will not recognise this pattern and will only take an average view of the numbers.  With daily updates you can recognise these patterns and put them to your advantage, by taking advantage of the market shifts that your competitors are missing.  Below is a performance graph, and as you can see there is a dip in the line.  If you can recognise a pattern in these dips over a longer period of time then you are better able to take advantage of them.

AuthorityLabs allows you to see your average Bing, Google and Yahoo ranks as averages on graphs over time, or you can pick a keyword and expand upon it to mine more data for analysis.  The program helps you by generating charts, data and comparison graphs.  You may take this data offline with their standard CSV export facility, taking away whatever information you desire for whichever time frames you desire.  Like a few rank checking programs, you are also able to create custom reports for use offline, which is always helpful if you need to prove some numbers to your boss or clients.  It’s even handy for proving to your wife that you have been working all night on the internet and not looking up old girlfriends.

AuthorityLabs has specifications set up for the web worker whom has to keep clients or working groups up to date with progress.  You can set up a private version of their system which is branded with your logo.  This is commonly referred to as a “private label” or “white label” platform or application.  You can run the application (app) on your URL and have system emails come from your address as well as changing the text of the emails sent from the system.  It is another clever little information sharing medium.

You can share information without buying extra licences for the product and without paying surcharges.  Quite often in a busy office or client monitored operation there will be several people needing the collected data at any one time.  This program allows you to give access to anybody you feel needs or wants it.

A rarity these days is a good support centre and software companies are just as notorious for this as phone and internet companies are.  Thankfully AuthorityLabs are not one of the worst offenders and the level of support given is adequate for most common problems or questions.  They have clearly invested some skilled time and effort into their customer support department and unified their database so you done have to be passed from department to department to figure out how to operate the system.  The phone system is not too bad all being told and the support centre gives free advice to other users of the program without charging them extra.

AuthorityLabs program is user friendly and easy to pick up, with most aspects being common pc sense.  They have gone out of their way to make the system as un-convoluted as possible, and if this is your second ranking program then you will pick this one up very easily.  If you are not sure then try their thirty day trial.  They don’t limit any of the functions, so what you see is what you are going to get.  The company gives you various options when you join, based on your needs, convenience and budget.  You may need the system available for a great number of people, or you may be doing SEO work for a large number of clients.  They have plans suited to each situation.  If you are limited on budget then there are plans where you can track just ten domains, loaded with hundreds of keywords.  If your business or tracking needs grow or shrink then you are also able to switch between plans.

I hesitate to call this a great starter program because it doesn’t do it justice, but I think it is definitely one to try if you have already tried another tracking tool and have been disappointed.  On the other hand it is also good for people whom are unaccustomed to ranking tools because of its ease of use.  As for the quality of the information given, well I have no complaints.

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