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The biggest flaw with Raven SEO Tools is the fact it takes 24 hours to mine all the data and get back to you.  On the other hand this does foster the notion that you are paying for information that is genuine, with appropriate due diligence.  I mean we have all done it where we pay for information from two different companies, and one gives you that little more detail than the other.  So yeah, on the plus side you have genuine information, but I am so used to getting instant results online, that waiting didn’t sit well with me.

The tools are powerful and useful.  The link manager allows you to simply add a link request to the Raven Link Manager, then leave it as pending and the tool does the work for you.  Links are no less important now than they ever where, it was just that links have been over exaggerated in their importance over the last few years.  Google uses incoming links on a points system.  The more links (genuine ones, not link farmed) a site has then the more points the site gets, however if that site is full of spammed keywords, then it will still be left skulking around page 100 on the search results, even if it has plenty of incoming and outgoing links.

A great selling point of Raven SEO Tools is the amount of time it saves genuine link builders.  Make a note of who requested a link, where and the type of link and then add it to your Raven tools.  Every month it will then give you information on its status, so that you don’t have to manually check each link (of which you probably have many).  This is great because if someone deletes a link or turns it to a Nofollow link you will know.  This obviously saves you from a lot of checking, and you can even export the information to an excel sheet so that you may show your client or boss the progress you are making.


Creating reports is relatively simple, and can be done for almost any process on Raven.  Click on the items that you wish for report inclusion from the left and click on the plus tab.  Run the report and after which it is free for a PDF download.

Backlink Explorer

Raven uses data pulled from Majestic SEO to function its backlink explorer.  It is trusted software and is done in the same way that most data processing companies mine data from respected sources.  An AC rank measures a web pages importance, and people familiar with Majestic SEO will know they have been using it for years.  For this reason, Raven SEO Tools uses “AC Rank”, and it is a great tool for marshalling this information from the same program.

This is important because creating reports often takes a long time because sourcing and arranging information takes time.  Raven takes most of the strain in this case.  Export the data it collects to an Excel sheet and use it as you wish.

Competitive Tracking

You can pull out a lot of information from the “Competition Manager”.  This is a function that Ravens SEO tool has built in so that you can see things like how many of your pages are indexed with the worlds biggest search engines or you can see their page rank or mozrank.  You can also see the information that is a little harder to pull off manually, such as the amount of inbound links to your requested domain name.

You can find out some really good information about your competitors too by using the research tab, so that you can see things like how much traffic your competitor is pulling down for a chosen keyword.

For the more surreptitious among us, you may also see how much your competitors are paying (estimated) for their CPC on Googles AdWords.  This is done using the same data that Google themselves use to estimate keyword costs per click (CPC).  The data its self will save you a little bit more research time when you are picking and improving your keywords.  Obviously do remember that this tool does not and cannot account for market movements (ripples) so it is always best to use it as a just a guide.

Ravens Site Finder

Don’t spend hours looking through search engine results for relevant websites with which to request links.  It can be done a lot quicker with Raven SEO Tools, and the bulk of website results returned are often good enough to warrant a link exchange request.  The results that Raven gives are then displayed according to their highest to lowest mozRank, as per their relevancy to your searched subject.

The way that Raven finds relevant potential linkers is by entering a search term into a search bot.  This scrapes off a certain amount of websites that relate to the subject/term you entered.  It then searches their websites for links.  Based on the fact that these websites (no doubt your competition) are linking with relevant sites, then the results you receive will also be (for the most part) relevant.

Raven then goes the next step that a web spider would not think of and gives you its own linkable website suggestions.  This is done through Ravens connections tab, through which it will give you a load of ideas on other websites with which to link.  It is clever, and was probably a programmatically complex nightmare for the programmers to integrate into the tools without giving competition as actual suggestions.  Run the report and see for yourself.  Obviously it is not as complex as the Google search algorithm, but it will save you a lot more time over trying to find linkable websites manually.  The speed and quality of the competition functions is impressive, even if the same information may be found with Yahoos site explorer and the SEOMoz tools.

The SiteFinder function is good, but is going to give you top results based on the weight of data, meaning that the really powerful, old and popular websites are going to be near the top and probably featured around broader content than your site.  They would be great to get links from, but most websites are not going to stand a chance of getting a link from them.  Never the less, even if it is showing you websites that would never link to you, there is no harm in asking.  They may have someone new in the office that day, that may link by accident.  There is no harm in asking.

To try to keep your search results a little more targeted, why not try searching for specific products and services, instead of taking a stab at the genre as a whole.  For example you will have good results if you are selling pet products, and you search for your leading brand.  The results you receive will be more targeted and often yield better opportunities for linking.

SERP Positions & Analytics Tracking

When you decide to lay down with the powerful, then don’t fear the force.  I would never normally allow a program to sync with my Google Webmaster account, but I was already resolved to do it before Raven even asked.  Raven SEO Tools will want to sync up and access your Google Webmaster account, and will have data for you within 12 hours of access.

Raven will show you all the information you need on one page, so you wont need to click from one data window to another like you do on your Google accounts pages.  This makes it easier to access things such as the top keywords or referrals etc.  A great little motivational tool is the graph overlap facility.  You can overlap graphs so that you can see how well you are doing now, to how well you were doing previously.  Thinking of targeting a new keyword, then check your graphs, as this time next wee on last years graph may have been when your traffic shot back up again.  The interface is intuitive and user-friendly and can be pulled from the site and onto a PDF for your records.

Raven SEO Tools has the integrated SERP tracker tools and will store historical results for your record and for comparison.  It does help you see how you are progressing and will help you to identify blips in the road on your campaign.

Social Media

Raven SEO Tools has embraced the social media revolution and so will allow you to sync up your youtube, Facebook and twitter accounts so that you can keep a check on social activity.  You can even post Facebook posts from your Raven Tools and monitor sediments manually too.  You must click on a choice of three faces to ascertain a sentiment of happy, sad or neutral so that you are able to figure the sentiment dial.

In Summary

The Raven SEO Tools are going to save you a lot of time on tasks that you would otherwise have to do manually.  Even the simple things such as collecting accessable information and putting it on one page, all helps to save you time.  You can make reports on any of the information you collect and historical information is duly stored so you can check your progress through time.  Raven has integrated tools such as SEMrush, SEOMoz and Majestic SEO, as well allowing you to sync with your Google Webmaster account, all of which puts a lot of tools at your disposal from one interface.  If you spend at least a few hours per week on your SEO, then this is going to be well worth the purchase.

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