Seo Rank Monitor Review

SEO Rank Monitor has removed all the tools that you rarely use.  They have done this to make the program less cluttered and to highlight the options/tools that you use the most.  If you compared it to a pc keyboard then it would have removed the tilde key and optional hyphen key and made the letter and number keys larger.  They have gone out of their way to make the visualisation tools sleek but unobtrusive so as to help make the interface a little easier to use.

The Process

When starting your new tracking tools you need to click “Settings” to configure the program:

  • Domains: Enter your domain(s) in here.
  • Keywords: Enter the keywords to be tracked here, either in bulk or separately and tag them to make organising your reports easier.
  • Competitors: If you wish to compare yours and your competitors rankings then enter your SERPs competitors here.
  • Google Analytics: Here you can sync with your Google Analytics account so that you may see those rankings too.
  • Search engines: Here you enter the search engines that you wish to track rankings within.  There are a lot to choose from including a great many Google local versions as you can see below:

The results

You data is processed into tables and charts for your reference. They are not going to win any visual designs awards, but they get the job done.

SERP monitor: This function allows you to see a table showing your current ranking per keyword, as you can see below.  It also gives you indications reminiscent of a stock exchange on how your rankings have changed recently.  These details may all be exported to an excel sheet for later offline reference.  You may filter your keywords via their tags.

Competitors Monitor: Here you may see your competitors comparative rankings with your own domains.  If you click through your tabs then you can see across all the search engines tracked:

Domain Monitor: Here you can see your domain statistics summarized for each search engine, as shown below:

Within each table you may see charts, graphically showing ranking changes and progress:

Dashboard: It allows you to view your rankings distribution.  The dashboard allows you to see a summary of all the data the SEO Rank Monitor collects and collates it into pleasing visual representations.

As tracking tools go, this format will be common place.  The program structure is cut a little close to the bones, but in hindsight, there are plenty of bulky programs out there that have functions that simply gather dust.  In basic terms this program does its job, and unless you are trying to impress clients with visuals or doing deep SEO analysis then this program is going to have most (if not all) of your needs covered.

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