SEOMoz Review

SEOmoz is a collection of tools and resources aimed at making the SEO professionals job a lot easier.  It is primarily a mean of allowing a SEO professional to track and manage his/her page/website rankings on search engines.

Weekly Crawls and Rank Tracking

Manually tracking your websites is a pain in the bottom for professional SEO workers, but is a necessary process that needs to be done.  To make this process a little less of a hassle SEOmoz has weekly crawls and rank tracking, and produces reports followed by lists of possible issues.  It graphically represents your rankings over time for comparison.  It is not the means recommended if you are looking to do some in depth data collection and analysis, but it does give you an idea of how your SEO is progressing and highlights any potential problems.

On-page Recommendations

A handy little tool is SEOmoz’s on-page recommendations.  It is handy for newer SEO professionals who may be prone to missing things, and it is also a nice little reminder for veteran SEO professionals who need the occasional reminder to be diligent in terms of crossing T’s and dotting i’s.  It helps you improve your site structure and content through a page by page analysis and then giving recommendations for improving SEO.  In my opinion it is a little like the spell checker on word.  We all know how to spell but sometimes we get the little red line for a missed letter, and on-page recommendations is the same thing.

Competitive Analysis

SEOmoz provides a competitive analysis so that you can tailor your marketing plans to plonk you above them, and not compete with them on keywords that won’t repay you for your efforts.  You can also repeat their actions if they have found a good little un-used term that is generating them a daily bulk of traffic on the quiet.

Open Site Explorer

This is a comparison tool which allows you to open a site and analyse them, with things such as anchor texts and linking profiles.  Side by side comparison is pretty good if you are looking to normalise your website and gear it towards a more mainstream audience (I.e. going from a niche group to a mainstream popular customer base).

Keyword Difficulty

Digging out the correct keywords is what a professional SEO worker is trained to do, and this is another tool to help them do it.  Some keywords are worth optimising your pages for, and others will simply not bring you enough traffic to make it worth your while.  This is another tool that SEO professionals should hold in their tool belt, because the more diverse an SEO professionals sources is, then the better off they are.  It is a little like going around lots of doctors getting opinions for a medical treatment; the more opinions you have then the better off you will be.

Training Webinars

SEOmoz Pro members are allowed to attend bi monthly training sessions online, which are handy if you are newer to the business, or if you are looking to keep up with current events and changes to the industry.  They go from the very basics of SEO (its sometimes good to brush up) all the way to the more cutting edge techniques.  You can also chat with other online professionals and get their points of view.

Advanced Online Marketing Guides

Due to the fact that SEOmoz has been around a long time, they have really increased their collection of tools and resources for SEO.  The first month of membership is free, after which it is $99.  It’s package is stuffed with tools and resources that are going to make your SEO efforts easier and more productive.

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