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SERPAnalytics is a very good tool for SEO experts and SEO beginners alike.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is difficult to accurately judge, especially when your biggest problem is your competitors whom quite often have a bigger budget that yourself.  A tool like SERPAnalytics is a great way of correctly judging how to proceed with your online marketing strategy with a clear view of how your competition will affect you and how they may undermine you.

SERPAnalytics Spy Tool

SERPAnalytics has a spy tool which is perfect for crafting your online marketing strategy.  Anybody who is anybody knows that the biggest obstacle to selling online is your competitors.  If you had the cheapest products with the biggest budget then you would sell hand over fist online, but its not likely that you do, so you have to compete with other companies, and this spy tool is another weapon in your fight for sales.

You can look up a keyword on its own, or a domain on its own, or keywords within domains… you get the idea.

As you can see by the image above, you simply type in the either yours or your competitions domain and then click go.  The report that comes up will tell you all the information they can mine from the Google databases.  This includes the domains average costs per clicks on their adverts, or their adwords competitors.  You can get a very good picture of their search engine positioning etc.

Below is a reports for a certain keyword phrase, which in this case is “hosting”.  As you can see, the report details the organic competitors, adword competitors, related keywords, broad searches etc.  It gives you all the tools and information that you need, and a great many resources of information that you didn’t know you need.  For example, in a lot of cases the related keywords may be nothing that you haven’t seen before, but then upon occasion it will throw out one that people often misspell that turns out to be a neat little traffic puller that you can use.  The reports will quite often give you information that you didn’t know you wanted or needed until you see it.

As you can see by the report above, the various words and numbers are coloured like blue links.  They can be clicked upon and then drilled down so that you can get a more in depth view of that number or word, and the numbers relating to it.  If you are figuring out your affiliate marketing strategy or your newest SEO overhaul then this sort of in depth analysis is really going to come in handy.

You can spy on your competitors so that you don’t have to use your best guesses and intuition to pick out the best keywords and key phrases.  You can also avoid the really expensive ones that your competition are monopolising.  Let them drain their budgets on the popular words if they want, it is their loss.  You can cut out the middle man and use longer tailed keywords and other niche keywords such as locations, age ranges etc to get better value for your money, and lets not excuse the fact that you can invest time and effort into organic SEO so you don‘t have to pay for clicks at all.  Use backlinks to get your site ranked higher.

Below is a summary report for a domain, and as you can see the information is laid out so that it is very intuitive.  Even if you have never used this type of tool before, it is still very easy to interpret the data.  Again the blue links allow you to go in for a deeper analysis.

As you can see, a domain search will give you detail that only the owner of the domain should be seeing.  You get a nice snapshot of their monthly traffic, their competitions, their keywords and ranks and their search engine positions as a whole.  You are able to see the amount of money they are paying for certain traffic numbers and positions, and as you can see on the image below you can get very specific data on Google ranking/positioning in relation to cost and traffic.

SERPAnalytics is a very in depth data analysis program, that starts by giving you summary data, but is in-fact loaded with a great many specifics.

SERPAnalytics goes through and searches millions upon millions of keywords in Google so that it can create reverse indexes.  This means that you may also find organic positions of the domains you compete with as well as see information pertinent to their Adwords adverts.

You can export the data you collect to an excel sheet if you so desire, so that you can have an offline copy for your records.

SERPAnalytics Tracking Tool

SERPAnalytics has a tracking service too, which is becoming an industry standard, however before all the others adopt the idea, SERPAnalytics has already gotten there and put in the research and development.  Along with the spy technology and the analytical technology, you will find that this program will suit both the standard user and a SEO expert.  It is a little like if you hand tools to a citizen, they may make a bird house, but hand them to a carpenter and he/she will make you a bedroom set.  The tools are the same, it is just their use that differs.

With the tracking interface you are able to put domains side by side along with their keywords.  You can do this by putting them into groups and then running search’s on them.  By doing this you can see comparative data on the two which is compared over a longer period of time.  This length of time makes the search results far more accurate. SERPAnalytics also only charge you for your keyword use and not domain use, so you can put ten domains in the same group with two keywords and you will still only be charged for the keywords.

Obviously if you were looking to mine massive amounts of data then you could put hundreds of domains within that keyword group and run searches on them if you like, and all for the same cost as if you had put two domains in there.

If you enter a domain into SERPAnalytics then it creates a new group for it automatically.  If you already have a group set up, then you can add it into that group directly.

As you can see below you are able to use graphs to get a visual idea of how a domain is progressing.  The graphs are also collapsible for your convenience.

SERPAnalytics does store large databases pertaining to search engine results pages for the most popular keywords that are logged into their primary system database.  This means that you are able to see more in depth data about this keyword as you wish.  It will be labelled “FS” if it is stored in the database.

SERPAnalytics  has the very unique service of full (Search engine results pages) SERP Tracking.  This is the storage of keywords that are monitored every day, which is a service which comes free with SERPAnalytics.  You can see a screenshot of this below.

This section is the tracking results part and is for detailed position reports of the domains that you have entered.


Cons. Any cons are really nit picking, most of which only revolves around the programs single user access.  It would have been better if it allowed multiple person access, but it’s not really a functionality issue.

Pros. The price is fantastic and the level of service you get for even the most basic and cheap plan, still outshines any of the current market leaders service per price ratios.  As a competitor research tool alone it is invaluable.  It is intuitive, user friendly, easy to navigate and hold a tremendous amount of information that is staggered via the link system, so that if you want the tiny-est details then it is not clogging up your summary pages, but is still available for your reference.

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