Web CEO Review

WebCEO is your standard meat and potatoes tool for checking on page ranking and rank tracking.  Manually checking this sort of data routinely is out of the question, so this sort of program takes care of the must be done tasks quite competently.

User Friendliness

The interface is intuitive and anybody who has used a tracking tool will be able to pick it up and use it with little need for reference.  The free version is limited, but is a good tester program to see if this is the tool for you.  There are a lot of ranking monitor tools out there, so it pays to do the due diligence before committing.  I may have found it a little too easy to use thanks in part to the many helpful tips.  They pretty much leave a trail of breadcrumbs from one function to the next, making it easy to pick up.  The limited version allows you to check only five keyword phrases per ranking at once.  It gives you a good idea of the programs functionality before moving onto the paid version.

Page Optimization

WebCEO is handy for on-page ranking factors, as it allows you to examine and analyse the data.  It doesn’t register data for inbound linking but on the other hand you are not buying the Starship enterprise, so for the money I wasn’t really expecting it.  You may compare your site with your competitors for up to three keywords, or you can compare it against the top ten ranked sites within each search engine.  It gives details on relevant metrics such as weights of keywords and keyword density.  The database holding all the keywords is fairly comprehensive, although unless you are looking at a niche market, then you really only need bother about Google with little edges towards consideration for Yahoo and Bing.  The WebCEO program is a good standard tool for web page optimisation.  Not too complex and not too desolate.

Keyword selection

The keyword selection tool is pretty good, and as a professional SEO expert, it is another good tool to add to your tool belt when finding keywords.  Obviously don’t just use this keyword selection tool alone, but it should definitely be consulted when picking keywords.  The numbers on this keyword selector in regards of what is searched for how many times is only as reliable as the data bases it reads from, just like all the other keyword tools.

Time Savings

Mine your data, create a report and export your results.  As I said this is a meat and potatoes program, so the amount of time saved is always going to be based on your own process and how you interact with your software, but compared to finding the information manually, then this tool will save you a lifetime of time.

Backlink checker

Enter your known backlinks on all the search engines for each of your pages and you can check them.  The results (as with most software) are frustratingly accurate and then inaccurate at times, but as a whole it is no less reliable than any other commercial software, this is probably because the Google backlink report is created by Google design whom do not fully disclose.

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